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A project to innovate a product for a billion people

About Anzyn

Anzyn is a smart clothes that enables the lonely to feel safer by bolstering their self-confidence and reducing anxiety levels.

Design Process

1 / Trend Report

A research was done to analyze and speculate about potential trends for the following years. One particular trend was about making innovations that allowed for greater convenience of the human race. As the pace of living has accelerated significantly, convenience has become ever so important.

2 / First Idea

The first idea was a gadget that could be conveniently carried around to reduce the user's stress. The proposed idea had an inbuilt system that could to monitor the vitals of the user and release aromatic and calming scents when the user was feeling tense or anxious.

3 / Second Idea

After running the first idea to the panel, unfortunately, it was pointed out that such an idea was already researched upon.

Another of the five senses, touch, then came into the spotlight. The idea of a smart clothes that could help those who felt lonely was drafted. The clothes will simulate a human hug when one is in need of warmth and belonging. Another addition to this idea was that the shirt would be able to register different pressure points when the user was being hugged, and that would be incorporated through mobile application.

4 / Field Research (Barcelona)

The goal of the Barcelona Trip was to do field research to gain more insight while testing prototypes with the locals from a different culture. Thematic walks were also incorporated in this trip so that designers could gather more inspiration.

5 / Mini Exhibition

At first, Anzyn's name was Neodie as it was a portmanteau of the words Neo (or new) and -die as in "hoodie". Peers in the program gave feedback for innovation. 

Feedback such as changing the name and considering more about how the technology could be implemented were the main concern from peers. 


Final Concept

A smart clothes that could create hugs whenever activated!

The clothes would use certain smart and lightweight textiles that introduced additional functions. The primary function would be an ability to automatically change how tight it was able to wrap around the user's body, enabling automatic "hugs". The secondary goals would be the ability to self-clean, to minimize washes, and to be able to recycle body heat or the heat of the environment to turn it into a "warm hug", and to ensure eco-friendliness.

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