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White Pillar


a 360° virtual reality simulation

Cityscapes by TigerRoo is a project that was created during the two weeks of collaboration with RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) and Taylor's University (Subang Jaya, Malaysia). A group of six students, 2 from RMIT and 4 from Taylor's, banded together to start this project. The theme of the project was to merge the different cities of Australia and Malaysia together, more specifically Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, and Ipoh. TigerRoo specifically focus on merging the cities together and creating a whole new city; like San Fransokyo in Big Hero 6. The output of the project would be 360 illustrations.

Art Space

Art Space is a reimagined tourist area filled with art and local elements of city culture. The essence of Kuala Lumpur, namely it's batik art style, layered upon the Australian soul of street art. This city space revolves around being a warm and inviting tourist centre.

Art space with tiles.png

Skyline and Views

Skylines and Views is a space away the hustle and bustle of the modern city. The environment highlights the skyline of the merged city of Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur from a distance. 


City Centre

City Centre reflects activities of people from all walks of life. The scene highlights how the contrast between the different structures of modern Melbourne and the old towns of Ipoh highlights do not prevent the different ways of life from conflating seamlessly.

3d flat proto.jpg



Art Space

Sample Progress
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