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Flotus is a protoype innovation that was created by a group of four individuals. The idea behind this innovation was to utilize scents to evoke certain nostalgic memories. The ability to record and subsequently diffuse a smell was the key principle of Flotus. When one feels homesick, they could simply activate the gadget which then produces the scent of home to evoke precious memories of loved ones back home.

Design Process

The project was kickstarted as part of an Exchange Programme at Hogeschool Rotterdam during the 'Make Week', also termed the "Designful innovation for a billion people", The group of four brainstormed ideas that could answer this particular question: "How might we be able to keep track of our physical and mental health during long periods of travel?”. The members had several minutes to jot down as many crazy ideas as possible, be they attainable or not.

The Philosophy Behind Flotus

Happiness can be triggered by various human senses, ranging from vision and touch to taste. The sense of smell is often overlooked in the topic of evoking memories. Flotus thus targets scent as a means to subconsciously evoke nostalgic memories in the user. It also offers a portable way to store and to replay different scents to target a multitude of various memories.

How To Use


Save a scent by recording a smell, then wait for the machine to process the smell. The scent can then be named by the user for subsequent use once processed.


Click on "Activate" to power the machine up. 


Pick the desired scent.


Relieve a happy memory :)

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