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A mobile application that aids individuals caught in natural disasters

Spawned by field research which indicated the lack of proactive natural disaster applications, Salum was created. Traditional applications lacked the means to communicate virtually with loved ones in the event of emergencies, and also did not automatically notify loved ones in the event that the user was in danger.

Design Draft 

Ideation & Development

The goal was to create an informative app that would aid individuals caught in emergencies, specifically natural disasters. Mobile phones are a staple in current times and are always on the individual's person. During emergencies, regardless of whether the user loses their phone, the app would send out a distress signal that reveals their last-known location. This would allow for loved ones and medical staff to be aware of their potential whereabouts, which allows affected individuals to be located more easily in life-threatening emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Many apps for natural disasters found today lack the capabilities that allow the user to connect to their loved ones. The communitive aspects of Salum would thus include the highlighting of trusted contacts and the ability to track the user's live location when requested. 

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